206 charities, voluntary organisations and community interest groups, were nominated by those who participated in the Great Midlands Fun Run on 2 June 2019.

The Fun Run was created back in 1982 to provide entrants with an opportunity to raise money for an organisation of their choice. While regular recipients such as Cancer Research UK, St Giles Hospice, Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, Teenage Cancer Trust & Birmingham Children’s Hospital appear as regular choices, smaller local organisations are being nominated such as The Gap, Footsteps Counselling & Support, Sutton Coldfield Cancer Support Centre, Breast Friends – Sutton Coldfield, Our Place Support & Tamworth Monday Blind Club.

The continuing challenging economic climate and the ongoing reduction in support from local authorities to many charities, is forcing most charities, including some of the major players, to constantly evaluate how best they deploy their resources and how best to optimise fundraising opportunities.

Rather than go to the expense of organising events of their own, they are looking more closely to third party events where they can encourage supporters to register and raise money for their chosen charity.

The facility to raise money for a specific organisation has always been a key component and attraction of the Fun Run, and that concept is being grasped by more and more people.

The total distributed in 2019 was £229,865 bringing the total distributed since 2003 to a staggering £3.58 million.